Audio Engineer Brings Latin Flair to U.S. Recording Scene With KRK

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Maria Elisa Ayerbe Turns to KRK Systems’ V Series and Subwoofer to Mix High-Quality Tracks for Music and Film

MIAMI – Colombian-born Audio Engineer Maria Elisa Ayerbe has been bringing her Latin music expertise to the U.S. market for more than a decade. Through it all, she has been relying on a range of KRK Systems’ studio monitor and subwoofer offerings to mix her tracks. Whether she’s working with an award-winning recording artist or mastering soundtracks for film, Ayerbe knows she can always trust her KRKs as accurate reference monitors. Having evolved alongside the brand over the years, Ayerbe has graduated from its ROKIT line to its V Series studio monitors. She currently deploys the KRK V4 Series 4 Powered Reference Monitors and 8s Powered Subwoofer in her home studio.

Although Ayerbe works from home, her studio surely qualifies as professional, making her V Series monitors complement the rest of her equipment perfectly. “Having spent a great deal of time in recording studios from a young age, I’m no stranger to high-performing, professional studio gear—and my KRKs definitely fit the bill,” she says. “Despite the smaller size of my KRK V4s, the low end of the monitors is super accurate and pairs really well with my KRK 8s sub. All the of the elements feel in place. The stereo imaging is excellent and the Kevlar® tweeter makes a huge difference as it has a ton of detail without being annoying—an issue I’ve ran into with studio monitors that cost four times the price of KRKs.”

In addition to her KRK V4 studio monitors, Ayerbe has also relied on KRK Systems’ ROKIT 5s, V8s and V6s over the years. “KRK will always be a reliable choice,” she says. “If I want accurate playback from a reference monitor, I know I can depend on KRK for everything I mix. Whether I’m tracking for music or film, KRK is the way to go. Plus, the monitors are super easy to calibrate to your environment and have an extremely wide range of options for EQ.”